Renaissance Bodice Size Chart

30" - 33"
33" - 36"
36" - 39"
39" - 42"
43" - 46"
46" - 49"
49" - 53"
Waist (Classic Bodice)
24" - 27"
27" - 30"
30" - 33"
33" - 35"
36" - 39"
40" - 43"
43" - 46"
Waist (Everything Else)
22" - 25"
27" - 29"
29" - 31"
32" - 34"
35" - 37"
38" - 40"
40" - 43"
34" - 38"
36" - 40"
39" - 42"
41" - 45"
44" - 48"
47" - 51"
50" - 54"

 Important Notes Regarding Bodice Sizes:

  • If you need assistance choosing a size, please e-mail us with your measurements and any specific questions you may have and we can assist you in choosing a size.
  • The smallest measurement in each size range is the actual measurement of the garment.
  • For the best fit, please know your actual measurements when choosing the correct size.
  • When choosing a bodice size, choose one 2" - 4" smaller than your actual measurements. This will ensure the proper cinch and lift.
  • Remember that the sides of all bodices lace up for adjustability and comfort.
  • The sides of dresses DO NOT lace up, unless specified in the description of the dress.


How to Measure:

Bust - Measure around the fullest part of your bust, wearing a supportive unpadded bra.

Ribcage - Measure around your ribcage directly below the bust, at your midriff level

Waist - Measure around your natural waist, where you bend. This is usually about 1" above the navel on women.

Low Waist - Measure around you hip line 3" below your natural waist.

Full Hip - Measure around your hip line at the fullest part, around your seat. @ 9" below your natural waist.

Side Seam - Measure from your waist straight up to the top of the side of your bra.

Custom Size - If your proportions vary greatly from the standard sizes listed or if you have a long or short torso, you may need a semi-custom or fully-custom size made for you.


Notes on Measuring:

  • Please take all measurements in inches.
  • It is helpful to have another person or a local tailor or seamstress take these measurements for the greatest accuracy. It is very difficult to accurately take your own measurements.
  • Wear a supportive unpadded bra while taking your measurements. This will help provide the most accurate measurements.
  • Please take your measurements very carefully and accurately. Custom Size Bodices and Corsets cannot be returned. Inaccurate measurements or radical weight loss or gain after you have sent your measurements can result in poor fitting clothing.
  • Please do not exaggerate your measurements to be smaller than they actually are, as this can result in poor fitting garments.
  • Corsets should be ordered approximately 4" 6" smaller than your actual waist measurement, depending on how comfortable and experienced you are at cinching your waist.
  • Corsets are not necessarily meant to close completely, but to have an opening of an inch or so at the lacing.
  • If you are ordering a bodice or corset for waist training or tight lacing, please make sure you order additional support to provide the proper strength garment for your needs.
  • If we have questions regarding your measurements, we will contact you via e-mail. 
  • Please contact us with any and all questions you may have before, during or after placing your order.  Your satisfaction is our most important priority.  Thank you very much!