Custom Corset Measurement Instructions

  • The following instructions will help you get the most accurate measurements to help us determine the best size for your corset. 
  • Please measure very carefully, twice even, to make sure that your order is made in the correct size. Custom Size corsets and clothing cannot be returned. 
  • If your measurements vary greatly from our Standard Sizes, or if you have a long or short torso, you may need a Semi-Custom or Fully-Custom Corset. 
  • Contact us with your measurements using the chart below and we can help you choose the correct size to order or determine if you require a custom size.
  • If you are ordering a Semi-Custom or Fully-Custom Corset, please submit your measurements using the chart below, so that we may create a custom pattern for you.

Important - Before you Measure

  • First, tie a string or ribbon lightly around your natural waistline, where you bend.
  • Your waist is an important reference point where many of the measurements are taken from.
  • Make sure the measuring tape is snug, but not tight, so as not to distort the measurements.
  • Stand with straight posture and your arms relaxed at your sides when taking your measurements.
  • Additional Notes on Measureing Below.

Horizontal/Circumference Measurements

Full Bust
Measure around the fullest part of your bust, at the apex/nipple line. Wearing a supportive unpadded bra will give the most accurate measurements.

Bra Size

Compressed Bust
Using your hands, squeeze your bust upwards to create the amount of squeeze and lift you desire. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, UNDER your hands. *This position will be used for a couple of measurements below.

Measure directly under your bust around your ribcage at your midriff level.

Lower Ribcage
Measure your ribcage at the lowest ribs.

Natural Waist
Your natural waistline is the narrowest part of your body - where you bend, usually just above your navel. This is not necessarily where your pants or skirt waistband sits.

Desired Waist
This is the finished measurement of the waist of your corset. Natural waist minus the amount of cinch/compression = your Desired Waist measurement.

Hip 3" Below Waist
Measure around your hips 3" below your natural waist line. This is approximately where your hip bones are (Iliac crest).

Hip 6" Below Waist
Measure around your hips 6" below natural waist line.

Hip 9" Below Waist
Measure around your hips 9" below natural waist line - approximately the fullest part of the hips.

Vertical/Length Measurements

Side Seam Length
This measurement determines the side length of your corsetabove the waist. Measure up from your waist at the side to where you want your corset to stop under your arm. A good reference is the top of the side of your bra. If this measurement is too long, your corset will bite into your armpit or waist. If it is too short, your corset will not provide the proper support or may create "muffin top".

Waist to Lower Ribcage
Measure from your waist up to your lowest ribs.

Underbust to Apex 
Measure from your underbust up to the apex of your bust. Take this measurement with your bust in the "Compressed Bust" position (from above).

Apex to Top of Corset
Measure from the apex/nipple of your bust up to where you would like the top edge of your corset to be. Take this measurement with your bust in the "Compressed Bust" position (from above). 

Waist to Top of Thigh
Sitting in a chair with straight posture, measure from your waist down to the top of your thigh. This will prevent the corset from digging into the top of your thigh when seated.

Waist to Pubic Bone
Sitting in a chair with straight posture, measure from the center front of your waist down to the top of your Pubic Bone. This length measurement will prevent the corset from poking into your pubic bone when seated.

Height / Weight

Please indicate the intended use(s) of the corset you are ordering (i.e.: special occasion, tight lacing, waist training, etc).

Additional Notes about your figure or the corset you are ordering.

Please include your name, e-mail address, phone number and mailing address when sending these measurements for a custom corset order.

Additional Notes on Measuring:

  • Please take all measurements in inches.  
  • It is helpful to have another person or a local tailor or seamstress take these measurements for the greatest accuracy. It is very difficult to accurately take your own measurements.  
  • Wear a supportive unpadded bra while taking your measurements. This will help provide the most accurate measurements.  
  • Please take your measurements very carefully and accurately. Made-to-Order corsets cannot be returned. Inaccurate measurements or radical weight loss or gain after you have sent your measurements can result in improperly fitting garments.  
  • Please do not exaggerate your measurements to be smaller than they actually are, as this can result in improperly fitting garments.  
  • Corsets should be ordered approximately 4" - 6" smaller than your actual waist measurement, depending on how comfortable and experienced you are at cinching your waist.  
  • Corsets are not necessarily meant to close completely, but to have an opening of 1" - 2" at the lacing.  
  • If you are ordering a corset for waist training or tight lacing, please make sure you order the proper amount of support to provide the required strength garment for your needs.  
  • When we receive your measurements, we will contact you via e-mail with confirmation and any additional questions we may have about your order.  
  • Please contact us with any and all questions you have before, during and/or after placing your order. Your satisfaction is our most important priority!

Thank you very much!